1st November 2016

Facebook Messenger introduces Secret Conversations

Have you ever written something silly or personal on Facebook Messenger and later cringed at the thought of somebody else reading it? Well Messenger has offered […]
24th October 2016

Candor Creative supports Karate Association launch

When our client at Williams Karate announced the exciting news that he (Barry Williams Sensei), Paul Williams Sensei, and Andrew Wilson Sensei, were launching a new […]
19th October 2016

Snapchat is now Snap, and will launch special Specs

Snapchat rebranded recently to Snap Inc, in a bid to become a “camera company”, and will launch a pair of on trend sunglasses that can record […]
12th October 2016

The success of Instagram ads one year after introduction

Last year, after market demands, Instagram finally allowed ads to be displayed by businesses around the globe. One year on, Instagram boasts a huge 500,000 active […]
5th October 2016

Marketers can now send messages to WhatsApp users

WhatsApp recently revealed it will begin to share data with its partner company Facebook, and begin to allow advertising messages from companies to users. In a […]
28th September 2016

Google stands to attention as local SEO soars

In an age of innovative, growing technology, websites need to stay on trend in order to survive. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be geared towards all […]
20th September 2016

Twitter character changes – Marketers can now express even more

Twitter boasts 300m+ users, and changes are often necessary to keep up with the growing trends. Yesterday Twitter rolled out several big changes to the way […]
13th September 2016

Could Pokemon Go Technology revolutionise pitches for construction firms?

Although it has been reported that building sites have been facing ongoing issues with Pokemon GO trespassers, and a calculated 50-plus instances were documented on construction […]
8th September 2016

Apple releases the eagerly awaited iPhone 7 – what’s new?

Apple released the next generation of the iPhone at its annual event in San Francisco yesterday – the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. After months of rumours and leaks, […]