Why SEO & Content Marketing must work together

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15th December 2016
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Why SEO & Content Marketing must work together

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As Google’s search engine gets more human with the growth of local and mobile search, many have questioned whether or not personable content marketing will completely overtake SEO.


It is clear that instead of one being more important than the other, they in fact cannot exist successfully without each other. Both complement each other perfectly, and here is why:


SEO starts the loop, stating the requirements, content marketing then fulfils them, and SEO teaches us how successful our content has been. And repeat.


So how can you successfully use the two marketing techniques interchangeably?


Firstly, by studying keywords an1d search phrases and using web analytics, you should be able to build a set of typical user profiles and collect for insight into what your audience wants. Then, you can tailor your content strategy and plan to build upon it.


You will be able to create content that answers your audience’s questions and engages if you can uncover the unstated intent behind each phrases searched for.


Content marketing does not replace SEO, it enhances it. The key is to truly understand your customers, having an SEO strategy in place, measuring analytics and understanding what content best serve your customers, while creating content which will resonate organic interest.