5 tips for marketers as mobile web usage overtakes desktop

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29th November 2016
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9th January 2017
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5 tips for marketers as mobile web usage overtakes desktop


Statistics show that we are now past the anticipated tipping point, as more websites are loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers.

According to Statcounter, a research company that tracks internet use across 2.5m websites, 51.3 percent of pages were loaded on mobile devices in October. This is a leap from 25 percent three years ago.

Many marketers and brands still treat the desktop as the primary area of focus, which is way out of alignment with consumer behaviour. Mobile is now the growth driver, while the desktop is rapidly becoming a “secondary touch point”.

As many industries that rely on the web have been challenged by the rise of mobile devices, what steps could your company take to stay relevant in a mobile world?

  • Make a conscious effort to respond to and understand how consumers behave.
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly, as many older websites are not. You will miss out compared to competitors if you’re not providing a satisfactory mobile experience and cannot reach out to your audience through mobile search or display.
  • Get social media savvy – From your snaps to your stories, get noticed on relevant marketing outlets. Reach out with stories and images of your business successes and any fun activities taking place, and put faces to the name.
  • Decide whether it is appropriate for your company to develop mobile apps, or create mobile device specific apps. Flurry Analytics tells us that 90 percent of time on mobile is spent in apps.
  • As mobile grows, so does mobile advertising, and so does your advertising strategy. Total spending on mobile advertising in Britain surpassed the PC in the first half of this year.

The milestone turn that has seen internet users rapidly shifting to mobile devices threatens companies reliant on traditional PCs. The question is no longer whether mobile marketing is important, it is simply: are you adapting your marketing approach effectively?