Customer service on social media: How to protect your business reputation

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22nd November 2016
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Customer service on social media: How to protect your business reputation


Your business is like any other, it will receive both good and bad feedback – try not to take it personally. The key is to discover how to prevent and deal with potential problems that could negatively affect your business and reputation online.



If you have a social media account and only retweet occasionally and ignore most interactions, you might as well not be on social media.

The most important aspect for businesses on social media is engagement. This means replying to comments, participating in conversations with customers and advocates, and sparking responses.

Not only does it build brand loyalty, but you will understand your customers more and tailor content to them more successfully.



Increasing trust with fans and followers is an important factor in your social presence. They need to know that you care about their experiences. By monitoring what your customers are saying, there is hope of preventing potential issues before they turn into bigger ones.

So what’s the first step when you receive a complaint? Firstly, where possible, take the discussion offline – stop the thread from spiralling out of control for the public’s entertainment. Simply apologise for the experience they have faced, and ask them to DM (direct message) with more information.

If you have no choice but to reply on your social media site, take care in how you articulate your responses. Acknowledge the complaint as quickly as possible, and be polite and professional.


Positive reviews and comments:

If you read these and feel proud, show your appreciation for their comments. Most companies do respond to negative reviews but don’t always think it necessary to highlight positive ones. Acknowledging positive comments promote your excellent service, and is not only good manners, but good business.

Using SEO keywords in your responses may also contribute to visibility in search engine rankings, for example by mentioning all of the great things you’re glad your customer likes.


Before you post, it can be helpful to get a second opinion from a colleague or manager, and fast check and spell check your content, to ensure your communication with customers and prospective customers is appropriate. You have the opportunity, with a bit of care and time, to celebrate your success, and potentially turn a negative experience into a positive one.


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