5 funny customer service responses on Twitter

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15th November 2016
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29th November 2016
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5 funny customer service responses on Twitter


Twitter incorporated the @reply function in May 2007, and since it has become an increasingly popular platform for brands and consumers to interact. Why make a private phone call with a complaint, when you can type a quick, venting Tweet that the whole surfing world can view?

Consumers do take to Twitter to provide brands with recognition and praise, of course, yet it is still the negative tweets that will resonate in fellow consumers’ minds for longer – therefore it’s every businesses responsibility to keep up with the masses and strive for brilliant online customer service.

There is a time and a place for subtle humour, and it can be very effective when done correctly, and could turn a ‘hater’ into a fan. Below are several of our favourite responses from companies:

Sainsbury’s Fish pun exchange

Sainsbury’s received a comment about a product in store, and did their research on the customer. They found out he was a ‘pun enthusiast’ and reacted accordingly:


Jet Blue’s Oregon Trail exchange

JetBlue made a real effort to speak the language of a fan who tweeted praise about his experiences with the company:


Argos adapts writing style

Argos got creative with one response to one customer, mirroring his slang form of writing in a bid to get on his level:


Domioes and Pizza Hut fight for customer’s affection

When a customer admitted to choosing his favourites rivals for his pizza snacking pleasure, both companies wanted a slice of the action:


Greggs offers Google a tempting call to action

Sometimes big brands also need to address concerns with each other, and what better way to do this than with some light hearted humour?




So how is your company handling its social media accounts? Each business will adapt their own approach to responses, but it’s vital to remember to respect and understand your audience, respond quickly, and don’t forget to engage with happy customers, too.