How to get the most out of a social influencer

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How to get the most out of a social influencer


Social influencers are rapidly becoming hot property in marketing, with businesses requiring the often excitable, hipster like experts to help improve their marketing strategies. If you’re keen for your marketing experience to be successful and pain free, here are our four tips about how to help influencers influence:


  • Know what you want, and communicate it – The first step is to know where you want and need your business to develop. Think hard about who you want to engage – new or old audiences? Are you hoping to build on ongoing relationships, or shout from the rooftops and attract attention? Once you have an idea, communicate it clearly to your influencer by detailing what you need and outlining key deliverables.


  • Get to know your influencer – It’s vital to work with the influencer to deliver an engaging story around your brand. Engage with your influencer and take some time to get to know them and in turn they can learn more about you and morals and values of your brand. The purpose of influencer marketing is to tap into the essential relationships they have with their audience and fans, in order to deliver engagement with your brand.


  • Follow the rules – This is an important one if you want to make sure your marketing is legitimate. It’s a good idea to have an idea about the guidelines regarding how paid content should be signposted. It’s advisable for you and your influencer to read the advertising and marketing legal regulations, as nobody wants to get into trouble for not disclosing paid content.


  • Let the creator be creative – Every influencer works differently, and it can be daunting for a brand to hand over the reins to a brand new person, but you must let them play. They will only be able to do what they do best if you leave the door open and let them simply excite their audiences. Just be sure to have a veto in place to ensure nothing goes wrong.


It is becoming essential to have a strong social marketing strategy, therefore care is needed to identify the most exciting and cost-effective influencer. Brands should be open to experimenting with new platforms and campaign styles, and finally be patient with results – remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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