The changing face of public relations and marketing

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4th December 2015
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The changing face of public relations and marketing


These days the distinction between public relations and marketing is becoming increasingly blurred with the roles intertwining each other.

Generally the marketing function takes on a broad area of specialisms – looking after brand identity by creating logos and slogans that give visual impact, designing innovative websites, event management through to digital marketing.

Although, as a newcomer, digital marketing is a specialised and varied role in itself, as it encompasses a wide range of areas – from email marketing, social media to search engine optimisation and PPC (pay per click).

In the traditional sense, public relations (PR) focuses on looking after the reputation of a business or organisation by writing newsworthy articles and pitching them to media outlets. But thanks to the digital age, you don’t wholly need to rely on the media to spread your message to a broad audience.

Nowadays PR has evolved to produce content for anything and everything – newsletters, blogging, marketing publications etc.

The role of PR also entails putting together a creative campaign to capitalise on reaching the widest audience as possible using a variety of communication platforms.

For example, an e-newsletter is a great way to communicate with your customers. The power is in your hands and you can ensure that your audience gets the key message. E-newsletters can reach a wide audience instantly.

Creating your own website is another valuable tool for any savvy business to promote your services and updating it with articles and recent news from the business is also critical. This puts you in control of how and when you want to publish – without having to rely on the media to publish your article.

The magic of social media is another profitable marketing tool to sell your company far and wide at the stroke of a button. It is also an invaluable resource with limitless possibilities, enabling you to build and manage relationships with your target audience.

The ever changing world of digital media means that new platforms are constantly being launched all the time – just take a look at Peach; a new app on the block launched by Vine.

Everyone – individuals and organisations – can say something to reach far and wide through social media, but the trick is to ensure you choose the correct tools which is right for your business needs.

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