7 Spooktacular Marketing Ideas for Halloween

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22nd October 2015
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7 Spooktacular Marketing Ideas for Halloween



From online-based ideas to literal door-to-door marketing, Halloween offers plenty of opportunities to present your brand to the public, and a chance to enjoy yourself in the process also!
Halloween marketing isn’t limited to those who sell sweets and witch hats. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a retail outlet, a restaurant or a recruitment agency – the opportunities are only limited by your creativity.

1. Write Halloween-Themed Content
By using the keyword ‘Halloween’ you can tap into what people are trending about at the moment. If you go a step further and use a Halloween theme to incorporate in your own topic, you’ll engage readers even further.
A Halloween Infographic is a great chance to go viral; all you need to do is pick a theme for a funny but informative stats on Halloween-related celebrations. Remember content is still king and make sure your branding (or even a certain call to action) is included as part of the graphics.

Videos on YouTube can make people talk about you, your business and the your products or services. YouTube is the second best search engine after Google after all. Don’t be afraid to be silly and stand out from all other Halloween content.

A Halloween-related blog post can bring you extra traffic. Even simple things like ‘ideas for Halloween parties’ or ‘spooky stories’ can catch your audience.

2. Hold a Contest
Holding a contest is one of the greatest ways to engage with your customers, attract extra traffic to your website, and grow the fan base on social media. Examples can include ‘Best Zombie poster design contest’ and ‘Best Spooky photograph’. Why not take it a step further and organise a ‘pumpkin carving contest’. Don’t forget you need to cut a contest idea to match your brand and your audience interests.

With photo competitions, you can ask the contestants to feature your logo on the photos they submit or make the photo contest relevant to your business.

Consider also using hashtags in your contest. This can help your contest reach out to an even wider audience.

3. Humanise your brand
A common problem companies face is that they appear distant and cold, disconnected from their clients. Halloween is a great opportunity to show the human side of your brand and expand your relationship with customers. A good example is to take photos at your annual costume party to show your followers what kind of fun you have. Invite followers to vote on the costume contest you held in your office.

By simply asking your audience about their Halloween plans you can engage with your audience to create a discussion. You can also ask about favourite Halloween films and their favourite Halloween event.

4. Reverse Trick or Treat
Another strategy can be to dress up with your company logo and visit small businesses and drop off a small box of sweets branded with the company logo which they can put on their companies reception area or front desk.

Promotional giveaways like trick-or-treat bags make it possible for even the smallest of companies to get noticed and get into consumers’ consideration sets.

5. Update Your Social Profiles
Inject some spirit into all your social profiles with a customised Halloween-themed image. The idea is to make your customers smile and feel positive towards your brand. You could change the colours, put some Halloween creatures on your pages, carve your logo on a pumpkin and you can have fun coming up with different creative ideas.

You could send a ‘ Happy Halloween’ email to your subscribers as another way of keeping in touch with them. Make your customers feel you care about them!

6. Launch Halloween special offers
If that matches your current marketing plan – launch special Halloween offers. You can put together a themed bundle that can be promoted on social media, via email, and as part of a press release. It’s no doubt that a good discount offered in the subject line of your email is a guaranteed way to get high open and click through rates. The sense of one-day urgency and the Halloween theme you stick to are likely to achieve even better results.

Any company can ‘scare-up’ some business during one of the most lucrative annual seasons if you’re willing to be creative. With a bit of effort and creativity you’re bound to transform browsers into customers.

Yulia Micallef
Yulia Micallef
Yulia is passionate about digital marketing. She knows, lives and breathes social. Her favourite quote is from Seth Godin: 'Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.' Throughout her career, Yulia has worked with multiple markets in Malta, Turkey, Russia, Japan and South Korea. Yulia is a hopeless cat lover.