Don’t under estimate the power of LinkedIn

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8th October 2015
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22nd October 2015
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Don’t under estimate the power of LinkedIn


As a social network, LinkedIn can easily be overlooked in favour of more popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If used correctly, then it can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses to promote themselves across the globe, including recruiters to headhunt the right candidate.

The professional networking site has 380 million people around the world who are connecting and establishing business relationships with fellow users.

Consequently, this is the perfect social media tool for savvy recruitment agencies and consultants to utilise, connect with members and advertise the latest job vacancies. As you can expect, all manner of people have created a profile – from IT, marketing professionals and sales executives to artists, financial consultants, construction and design engineers – the list is endless.

Recruitment consultants use it to post the latest positions which appears on the news feed, and find the right candidate to fill the post. With over 15.5 million members in the UK – 25% of the UK population – LinkedIn most certainly shouldn’t be snubbed.

LinkedIn shouldn’t replace advertising on job boards, but compliment the task of reaching as many job seekers as possible and achieve maximum audience engagement. Because in reality, only a small percentage (10%) of LinkedIn members are said to be actively seeking work. But, if that vacancy is lucrative enough to attract the right candidates to apply, then it has done its job.

Likewise, businesses should also create a professional profile to publicise their products and services, and engage with the wider community – across multiple continents – replicating conglomerates such as Coca Cola, HSBC and Unilever.

Lizzie Horridge, Senior Account Manager at Candor Creative, said: “Like other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a great way to connect with professionals across numerous industries. Recruiters can use it post the latest jobs, find the right candidate and match them to the job profile.

“Of course businesses should also be active on other social media sites to ensure they gain maximum coverage and engage with a variety of people of all ages and professions.”

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